About Us

Ayana Constructions PTY LTD was established in late 2018 covering a large region from Southeast Queensland to the northern rivers as well as entering disaster zones as we are requested by our clients.

We have stayed true to our humble beginnings and believe clients continue to choose us because of our experience and the greater value we provide.


Hello Stuart,
As context, my husband and I have owned a few different homes here on the Coast over the past 20 years. During that time, we have worked with numerous builders and contractors, for projects ranging from small repairs through the construction of a multi-million-dollar duplex (the home we live in now). My husband, George, and I both agree that your team has been the best one we have ever worked with. We wish we had known about you earlier.
From the day we met, and the insurance process kicked off, your communication with me was clear and immediate. - both things that are incredibly appreciated as a customer. The team you selected to work with us for the repairs has been nothing short of exceptional. Your team’s communication matched yours - professional, timely, respectful and easy to understand. Everyone from the painter to the electrician as well as the plasterer and other workers, have all been highly skilled, respectful to and in our home, efficient in terms of the time it takes them to do their respective work and a genuine pleasure to work with. It has been a flawless execution by you and your team. We are impressed beyond words which is why I asked you to let me know who else I should share this feedback with.
I sincerely appreciate everything you and your team have done to make what could have been a very unpleasant experience (an insurance claim due to damage to our home) an absolute pleasure to be a part of.
With the highest regard for your care, respect, and professionalism.